Executive Summary

Jikoo started in the beginning of 2018 by its founder and MD Emmanuel Junior who is a natural in Digital Marketing. The inception of Jikoo was his attempt to share his Digital Marketing prowess and build a formidable workforce to provide Digital solutions to businesses in a challenging Digital Age. What started as a Digital Marketing Agency has now evolved by experience into a One Stop Shop Digital Marketing Support Agency aimed at building a Digital Marketing Workforce around projects from small and big companies alike.


The advent of ICT has made the world a Global Village. We now live in a Digital Age with increasing needs to connect people and things. The world will never recover from the Digital Age; it is here to stay. The high level of interconnectivity presented by the Digital Age has changed the context of everything: Relationships, jobs, businesses etc.

This means individuals, organizations and businesses in the 21st century must be very intentional about their Digital Self. This Digital self comes with its own complexities as it is cumbersome to establish and manage to produce desired results even by the most intelligent entrepreneurs and successful businesses. This is where Jikoo Digital comes in.


The word JIKOO is borrowed from the Ibo(Nigerian) language which means “CONNECT”. Jikoo Digital is all about helping businesses connect; Internally, to connect with their core (core activities which stimulate productivity, core products, core values and culture), externally, to connect to their clients by growing their leads. Our approach and diagnosis are always inside-out as we believe if you connect internally, you will automatically connect externally.


Our entire business model stands or crumbles at the success or failure of your business. We are a marketing support firm and supporting your business to succeed by supplying the adequate workforce is our utmost priority.

We are addicted to making businesses succeed for we fail when you fail and we detest failure. In order to do so we set up company values that we do not deviate from. That’s why we are HEADS ON, HANDS ON AND HEART ON.

Social Footprints (Making the world a better place) 

Jikoo believes in Ubuntu proverb that says “I am because you are”. With the MD and majority of the Jikoo Workforce hailing from Africa, it is only natural for Jikoo to have an emotional attachment to this great continent.

Modelling from developed countries like UK, Canada, USA, we saw that the wheel of development is thriving businesses. Thriving businesses will also solve the problem of unemployment and malnutrition for it is these thriving businesses that employ and sustain families. If we can start helping to build thriving businesses in Africa we can eradicate a significant part of the problems of Africa.

Our social footprint entails reinvesting a significant part of Jikoo income in brilliant business ideas in Africa, galvanizing funds to reach even more businesses and supplying our Digital Marketing Services to connect these businesses almost for free. We want to be known as the company that spearheaded thriving businesses in Africa. 


We are not just a company that cares about you and your business but also a company that offers strong solutions and support to developing countries of Africa.

With a strong team we work on solutions for the problems we encounter every day. We organised a development project in Nigeria so that their companies have the chance to become successful.

And not only that, we also do development projects in Cameroon against poverty. One of our company goals is to start up companies in Africa because this is the solution to put an end to the big problems that face them, development is the key.

Do you also want to contribute and contribute to making a better world? Then be sure to take a look at: