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Digital Marketing

The goal of every business is to be heard, known and seen by many. At Jikoo Digital, we help you achieve this goal through the implementation of digital marketing strategies that produces the right result by delivering your business to the right consumers.

Want to Drive More Traffic To Your Business?

There is more to just owning a website. As a business, the most challenging aspect of owning a website is driving qualified traffic to it. However, many businesses are unaware of how they can pull traffic to their websites and make some returns on Investment (ROI).
Worry no more – we are here for you. With business specific digital campaigns, we can help you draw traffic to your business and increase your ROI.

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Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Brand Design & Strategy

A brand is a representation of who you are, and what you do.
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New businesses are built on a daily basis, and what this means is that there is an increase in competition. The question that arises is ‘how to do stand out amongst these competition?’. Well, the answer is having a brand strategy. Through a brand strategy, you can develop a signature that is unique to your business, a signature that people can agree and identify with. A brand design and strategy is a clear path to success. It helps sell your brand across several mediums. It does not only tell your story to your audience, but it helps align your brand across your internal team.

Furthermore, brand design and strategy helps your business address a couple of issues. A brand strategy will help you improve and expand your brand, and increase the level of customer engagement. According to Andreas Markdalen the Chief Creative Officer of Frog, “Your brand is more than your logo, the imagery or the color palette you use. Your brand is about expressing why your business exists; what purpose you fill and how your values and culture makes you different”.

Invest today in a brand design and strategy that would help paint a clear and compelling image of your business in the minds and hearts of your audience!

Social Media Management

Social Media is the perfect place that you should take advantage of.

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Guess where people are these days? On the internet, using a desktop or cellphone to connect across the globe. Perhaps at this precise time you are at your office checking some articles from Facebook or at home making comments on your customers’ pictures on Instagram. Whether you want to engage your fans, or to increase a business presence, social media is the perfect place to showcase products and services, to build relationships, to explore beyond your local sphere, or simply to keep growing.

Of course, it’s easier said than done. It is critical to have some networking strategies set in place and a creative vision to engage your target audience effectively. Our virtual assistants (VAs) are experts on the creation of campaigns and media assets, and have a knack for engaging narrative and stories. In this edition of our blog, we’ll discuss some media-related tasks and recommendations on effective digital marketing practices collected across our team of virtual heroes.

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Copywriting & Strategy

Content is Key! There are no two ways of saying or doing it better.
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Customer engagement goes beyond just having nice and beautiful visuals. In order for your communication material to be attractive to the audience, it must be of high quality. High quality here means both the presentation and the graphics must resonate with the audience – it must be captivating, heartwarming and must wow the audience. You can’t achieve the high quality threshold if the content isn’t right. With the right content, you are on the right path to meeting your intended objectives. Every article, webpage or ad must grip the attention of every audience within the first seconds that they set eyes on it. The good news is that this can be achieved.

 All you need is hiring the services of a top notch copywriting agency that is skilled in the art of creating and sending out contents that inspires – contents that raises butterflies, contents that do some magic. 

 Get in touch with us let’s make magic together!

Website Development

We build sites using the very best open source platforms keeping your business secure.
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Your site brings people closer to you and we’ll help you shape their experience, utilising the skills of our in house experts as we are a specialist web development company.

We’ve built many websites using a range of tools. From simple CMS for straight forward sites, to custom built apps and web portals.

We’ll deliver a high quality site that’s easy to use and manage and we’ll train and support you to use it to its full potential.

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