Why should an advertiser consider using responsive display ads?

by | Sep 1, 2022 | General Business

Why should an advertiser consider using responsive display ads?

Responsive display ads are an essential part of any advertiser’s toolkit. They’re highly efficient and easy to use, making them an excellent choice for small businesses, large corporations, and advertisers.

Google Display ads are very efficient.

Just know that google display ads are very efficient.

In addition, google display ads are easy to create and manage. You don’t have to pay for an ad agency or hire someone who knows how to use Excel. Google also offers a robust API that allows you to create visually appealing ads.

Talking a little about mobile optimisation, google display ads are mobile-optimized. The only ad format that can be optimized for desktop and mobile users without additional costs of development or testing. It is as follows—you simply choose “responsive” in your advertisement settings when creating it!

The Ads are mobile-optimized

  • The ads are mobile-optimized. When you use responsive display ads, the ad is automatically optimized for the device it’s being viewed on. That means that if a user views your ad on their laptop, they’ll see one version of it; when they view it on their smartphone, they’ll see another version of it—and both versions will be optimized for each device’s screen size. This can help you ensure that your message is clear and that you communicate effectively with users, no matter what device they use to access your content.
  • They’re viewable across devices. Since responsive display ads are designed to automatically optimize themselves based on screen size and other technical details about the device being used to access them (such as its OS), this means that these ads are also automatically adjusted based on whether or not a person has allowed cookies from third parties (called third-party cookies). You don’t have to spend time manually checking several different browsers or devices for these types

of ads work well—all you need to do is create one piece of code!

Google display ads provide higher ROI

Google display ads have proven to be very efficient and effective. They allow you to target your audience with highly relevant ads on desktop, mobile, or tablet devices. Google optimises the ads for different devices to provide better results when viewed on mobile devices.

In addition to providing high ROI, responsive display ads are easy-to-create and can be customized in just a few steps:

Responsive display ads are easy to create

To create responsive display ads, you’ll first need to prepare your image for it. You can use the same image you would use for a regular display ad or go ahead and create a new one using the Google Ads (formerly AdWords) editor. If you want to ensure that your creative is formatted correctly before uploading it, simply upload the file into our responsive ad builder tool, where we will automatically generate codes and preview dimensions.

Once you have uploaded your image or created a new one in the editor, click on “New” to begin creating an ad. There’s a dropdown labelled “Display,” which will be filled with preselected options like Image results pages only – Image search only – Text search only – Video search only (you can also filter by content type). Select which type of result format(s) fits best for what you’re trying to accomplish with this campaign and set up parameters such as where these ads should appear (website or mobile app), day segments like weekends vs weekdays etc., device targeting including specific operating systems such as iOS 9+/Android 4+/Windows 10 Mobile etc., location targeting based on city names etc., language preference selection if applicable.

Responsive display ads are an integral part of any advertiser‘s toolkit.

Responsive display ads are an integral part of any advertiser’s toolkit. Whether you are looking to reach a large audience, a targeted audience, or even a highly targeted audience, responsive display ads can do all this and more.


We hope you’ve learned a lot about responsive display ads and why they might be worth using. We believe these ads are integral to any advertiser’s toolkit and can help you reach a wider audience.